Kodumaja, Tartu in Estonia and Bodø in Norway has certain connection and common history


Kodumaja is company in Tartu, Estonia.

Kodumaja started its business journey in Norway in Bodø, in 1997, when very first multi-storey apatment buildings from prefabricated modular sections were built by Kodumaja. The rest is history, so to speak. More than 9 000 apartments are built by Kodumaja companies by today.

Kodumaja has its most long-lasting customer relation in Bodø, 22 years already. Great example of B2B business model, where parties are planning future together, improving co-operation in regular basis and supporting each other also during tougher times.

Tartu and Bodø are both European Capital of Culture 2024, preparing that great event in close cooperation like Kodumaja does with its customers in B2B relation in order to have win-win situation in the end of the project.

There are two projects at the Kodumaja factories at the moment, to be built in Bodø, Norway in 2022. Looking very much forward to add 108 more apartments to 1087 already built by Kodumaja companies in time period 1997-2021 in Bodø.

Please look at illustrations of project, which contract of sale was lastly signed for.