Kodumaja wins housing construction tender in Copenhagen


Kodumaja AS successfully passed the preliminary qualification round organised by the city government of Copenhagen and was selected with four other companies for the participation in a tender for the construction of four housing projects in Copenhagen in 2010-2011. Two of these projects are intended for people with special needs and another two are standard apartment buildings to be leased under social welfare programs. The apartment buildings will be constructed under the national housing construction program.

Kodumaja companies won two of the four projects - one apartment building and one building for people with special needs, to be built in 2010. Now the final contracts are being prepared. The total price of two contracts amounts to 200 million EEK.

Moreover, Kodumaja is in the final stage of signing one more contract to build an apartment building in Copenhagen in 2010. The total price of this contract is close to 66 million EEK.