Kodumaja reopens factory where work was suspended due to recession


As the volumes of Kodumaja's enterprises are now growing, we have to hire new people. 112 new employees joined the group in 2010 - a staff increase of 55% in just one year. With the market share of Kodumaja's enterprises expanding and the group's markets steadily recovering, it has become both necessary and expedient to reopen the building parts factory of Kodumajatehase AS where operations were suspended in 2009. The output capacity increase of Kodumajatehase AS is planned in stages and at least 100 new employees will be hired during 2011. We especially need project designers, production and construction managers at different levels and skilled workers.

Despite the quite high level of unemployment in Estonia, it is still rather difficult to find here vigorous and able employees. Kodumaja is eager to properly motivate such prospective employees.

The consolidated turnover of Kodumaja's enterprises in 2010 was approximately 25.5 mln. EUR. All 100% export. The forecast for 2011 is that the turnover will increase by a factor of about 1.5. See also