A strategic priority of Kodumaja

We realise that building or purchasing a new home is a big investment for anybody. That's why it's important for an owner that their new home has the best price/quality ratio available on the market. Compliance with applicable construction norms and standards is the minimum requirement that must be met. However, the best construction companies should offer their customers more.

Kodumaja doesn't hide the fact that it aspires to become the leader in its field in Europe. This goal is only attainable if we attach a great deal of value to strategic product development. It is this R&D work that enables us to develop and test the best solutions, which then find their way into the design, production and construction of the buildings commissioned by our clients.

All strategic product development issues are analysed and decided upon by the Kodumaja development team - a fixed group of the most qualified and experienced directors and specialists from Kodumaja companies. The team's work is managed and coordinated by Kodumaja's director of development of products and services.

Kodumaja's strategic product development covers all of the areas of construction that are important to Kodumaja, but the emphasis is on the following issues:

Tests on the static, fire resistance, sound insulation and energy efficiency of the structures and technical solutions developed by Kodumaja companies, as well as the results of calculations, have been certified by the Norwegian Institute of Construction Research (SINTEF Byggforsk), which has issued Kodumaja with the respective  Technical Approvals.