The builder’s greatest enemy

The most dangerous enemy of any building is moisture. Compared to other threats, such as fire or static stability, the damage caused by moisture is one of the most widespread types of damage in buildings. It doesn't matter whether the load-bearing structures of a building are made of concrete or timber - mould and fungi start growing as soon as enough moisture has accumulated in a building's structures. Therefore, the structures must be protected from moisture with extreme care, within and without.

The external moisture resistance of the structures developed by Kodumaja has been tested under unusually harsh climatic conditions for many years. We have done this in the Arctic Circle as well as on the western coast of Norway where the warm current of the Gulf Stream on the one hand and the Arctic frost descending from the mountains to the Atlantic Coast on the other are capable of causing extreme atmospheric conditions. Kodumaja's structures cope equally well with any of these extremities, individually or collectively.

The internal moisture resistance of structures is determined, first of all, by technical and technological solutions and the quality of their implementation in the construction of wet rooms (bathrooms). Nordic research and statistics have shown that the wet rooms of residential buildings are often very poorly built. The waterproofing of these rooms and openings where pipes pass through floors and walls is often insufficient, resulting in extensive water damage.

Kodumaja has always developed technical and technological solutions for wet rooms that are easy to implement and 100% reliable.

Waterproofing of walls in a wet area Waterproofing of floor in a wet area

The technical and technological solutions developed by Kodumaja for wet rooms have been approved by the Norwegian Institute of Construction Research (SINTEF Byggforsk) and included in the NBI Technical Approval and European Technical Assessment documents.

Other reasons for our success in the battle against moisture are the advantages provided by Kodumaja's construction method and technology and quality management system.

In the houses produced and built by Kodumaja the threat of water damage has been minimised. Subject to proper maintenance, all wet rooms will remain water- and vapour-proof for the entire service life of a residential building.