Factory production is flexible

As a rule, construction requires a lot of hard manual labour and often takes place in unpleasant conditions mostly caused by the weather. That's why construction work is expensive and the profession of construction worker often unpopular among young people. Nowadays the search has intensified for ways of constructing buildings with a fine architectural design while minimising the dependency of the construction process on weather conditions and increasingly costly labour.

Kodumaja companies can be characterised, as follows:

Specialisation in housing construction from factory-produced prefab modules, offering clients greater flexibility compared to our competitors in project implementation and meeting the client's wishes and requirements.

We've set ourselves the objective of standing out from our main competitors by not focusing exclusively on the production and construction of typical structures and residential buildings produced on a mass scale.

We're motivated to find a reasonable compromise between architectural creativity and industrial production methods. This is a challenge we've taken on with:

  • architects who are creative personalities and look for outlets for their creativity
  • engineers who are inspired by excellent engineering and well-functioning solutions
  • developers and construction companies who look for efficient, reliable and cost-saving construction methods, enabling them to bring competitive residential buildings to the market.

As such, we encourage everyone to contact Kodumaja with their wishes and visions so that solutions can be found, with the help of our specialists, that satisfy architects while remaining sufficiently technological to make the most of the advantages of industrial production methods. This is an ambitious goal, but we firmly believe that it's attainable - and that we've proved as much in our operations so far.

The world's tallest timber-frame residential building (52.8 m, 14 floors)
Timber-frame residential buildings in Norway (3-5 floors

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Kodumaja works closely with many architecture and engineering bureaus on our markets, first and foremost in Norway and Sweden. The working relationship has been successful to date, and they have confirmed their interest in continuing to work with us.