Kodumaja is growing in Finland


That was in September 2021, when after almost 1,5 years travel restrictions due to pandemic the customers were physically visiting Kodumaja production again in order to inspect their project. Digital solutions were used for inspection in meanwhile. It was pleasure to meet customers face to face again and to hear their feedback:

 It is truly remarkable to see simultaneous development of the apartment project at the building site and in the factory!

The professionals at Kodumaja are doing an incredible job so together we can deliver the homes that our customers deserve. What also made huge impression is the military precision with which the production moves forward!

Hopefully we’ll be working together in several more projects to come!

Kodumaja is proud to announce that first project to that Finnish customer is handed over by today and the new contract of sale, bigger than first, for building apartments in terraced houses in Vantaa is signed. b-2-b relation ofter starts like this.

The handed over and newly agreed project will complement Kodumaja companies portfolio of already built 420 apartments in Finnish market.

Thank you to the customer! Kodumaja is looking for productive cooperation also in 2022!