Dear Customer/Cooperation partner/Supplier!


As a reliable partner and employer, we have taken steps in order to ensure, that we do what we can to hinder spreading of the Corona virus (COVID-19) and we kindly ask for your understanding if any of these steps cause you any inconveniences.

The rules that might also influence our cooperation are as follows:

  • Visitors are not allowed in Kodumaja offices and factories, except in exceptional cases and only with the confirmation by Kodumaja management;
  • Kodumaja employees who have visited the risk areas defined by the Health Board of Republic of Estonia, are applicable to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return from the beforementioned areas.

For additional information, please see website of the Health Board of Republic of Estonia

The rules are effective until further notice.

Despite of the abovementioned rules Kodumaja is still aiming to have close communication with it´s customers, cooperation partners and suppliers, therefore we are encouraging, instead of physical meetings, to have meetings over video with our customers, cooperation partners and suppliers.


Yours sincerely.

Andrus Leppik

Chairman of Kodumaja concern