Kodumaja markets

Export amounts to over 95% of the consolidated sales revenue of Kodumaja companies. Our strategic markets are: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

In the period from 1996 until the end of 2018, the total summarized consolidated sales revenue of Kodumaja companies has been divided between different markets as follows: During recent years, the relative importance of the Swedish market has started to increase to the Kodumaja companies.


We also attach importance to a greater diversification of sales between the strategic markets. It means that increases in capacity are aimed at winning a bigger market share in those strategic markets where Kodumaja operations have been modest. At the same time we have no plans to downsize our market share in Norway.



Kodumaja operations in other markets at the moment are confined to surveys, searching for contacts, collecting information and preparations for commencing activities, should suitable opportunities arise.

If we spot favourable market conditions, find a suitable partner and initial project, we are ready to take concrete steps required to enter the other markets.

We are also interested in developing stable and long-term relations with specific customers as well as with Kodumaja's sales representatives in specific regions of specific markets. We are always open to negotiations upon these issues.