Kodumaja group of companies

Kodumaja AS consolidates the companies the main area of activity of which is directly related, in one way or another, to housing design, production, construction and sale.

The mission of activity of all Kodumaja companies are: To provide confidence and enjoyable cooperation in fulfilling your ambitions.

What distinguishes Kodumaja companiesSpecialisation in housing construction from prefabricated modules with greater flexibility for our customers in project implementation and integration of customers' wishes and requirements, as compared to our main competitors.

The main areas of activity of Kodumaja companies are: Design and construction of prefabricated wooden frame buildings.

The main activities of Kodumaja companies are primarily aimed at operating on export markets.

The companies of the Kodumaja are independent legal entities that bear full responsibility for their contracts and the performance of accepted obligations. All companies of Kodumaja closely cooperate with each other in the team spirit. Each company has a deep specialisation in its field and all of them are united by a common ambition -

to make Kodumaja a leader in its field of operations in Europa.