For private customers

As a rule, private customers may be direct customers of Kodumaja only in Estonia. In such case Kodumaja is represented by Kodumaja Kinnisvaraarenduse OÜ, a subsidiary of Kodumaja AS, which offers private customers a turnkey option, mostly in its own real estate development projects. However, it is also possible to build houses on the privately owned plots of customers.

In other Kodumaja markets, key customers of Kodumaja Estonian companies are:

  • real estate developers
  • general contracting companies
  • companies offering construction project management

Thus, non-Estonian customers who wish to purchase a house/apartment produced and built by Kodumaja should contact those companies or Kodumaja's authorised sales representatives, who will assist them in contacting those companies. Information about Kodumaja's authorised sales representatives outside Estonia is available on this website