We build from prefab modules

Kodumaja builds from prefabricated modules. A prefab module is a spatial part of a building, the floor, walls and ceiling of which were pre-assembled in the factory. One prefab module may include several smaller rooms. Since a prefab module is a closed element, it is possible to complete the following at the factory:

  • to mount all doors and windows
  • to complete up to 95% of the interior finish of the rooms (including installation of ceramic tiles and floor coverings)
  • to complete most exterior finishing works (in the case of light exterior finish materials)
  • to build all piping and cable systems within the confines of a prefab module – electricity, water, sewerage, ventilation, communications, security alarm, TV, fire sprinkler system, etc,

  • to install all bathroom fixtures and fittings - faucets, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, etc.

  • to install kitchen and bathroom furniture and home appliances.

As a rule, dimensions of Kodumaja prefab modules are within the following limits:

  • width - up to 5.3 m,

  • length - up to 14.5 m,
  • height - up to 4.5 m.

Factory-produced prefab modules are transported to a construction site and mounted on the foundation to form a single building. Trucks and ships are used for transportation.

A building may consist of several prefab modules. As a rule, buildings have the following number of prefab modules:

  • individual houses - 2-4

  • multi-storey houses - 10 or more (no limitations)

Typical weight of prefab module: 8-16 tons
Time required to mount one prefab module on completed foundations: 20 - 60 min. In the case of multi-storey buildings, Kodumaja's site team is able to mount 15-30 prefab modules per day.


See more about the production and construction process in photographs: Process in pictures.