Certified solutions and technology

As a result of strategic and innovative product development, Kodumaja has developed and implemented technical solutions, details, structures and technologies of work performance which conform to construction norms and standards applicable in our markets.

All design, production and construction works are carried out by professional employees of Kodumaja under the guidance and supervision of experienced specialists and managers. If necessary, we engage local design companies which operate in our markets for the designing process. Quality management and control of the performance of all works is organised in conformity with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The aforesaid is certified by the following certificates awarded to Kodumaja's products, production and construction process and quality assurance system by the Norwegian Institute of Construction Research (SINTEF Building and Infrastructure):

Euroopa Tehniline Heakskiit nr. ETA-08/1178  NBI Tehniline Heakskiit  nr. 2485
European Technical Assessment no. ETA-08/0178 NBI Technical Approval no. 2485

and by the certificates issued by Bureau Veritas Certification which certify that the organisation and functioning of Kodumaja companies' management system (including quality management system) comply with ISO 9001:2008. Read more: Quality assurance.

It is important to point out that certified solutions include also technical and technological solutions of the construction of "wet" rooms (bathrooms, etc.)

Organisations issuing Technical Assessments and Approvals and certificates carry out regular and independent audits in Kodumaja companies to ensure the continuing presence of conditions required for the validity of Technical Assessments and Approvals and certificates.


Kodumaja gives warranties to the houses that it produces and builds depending on the applicable legislation in the respective market and agreements with its customers.

Unless otherwise agreed, Kodumaja usually carries out a warranty inspection of its building elements and construction works approximately 12 months after they were delivered to the customer. Defects discovered during the inspection, if they are included in Kodumaja's scope of responsibility, are eliminated by Kodumaja at its own expense within the agreed time limits.