Specialities of Kodumaja

Alongside advantages, every company, product or service also has a set of specialities which are sometimes considered disadvantages. As a rule, it is insufficient knowledge that leads people to believe that such specialities are disadvantages. However, a deeper analysis may show that seemingly disadvantageous specialities may actually provide certain benefits.

As a result of working with our customers, we have managed to point out the following specialities of Kodumaja:

  1. Certain limitations on the architectural designs of buildings. Architects must be sufficiently knowledgeable regarding the technology of construction from prefab modules and must be able to think in terms of prefab modules when designing a building.

    Positive aspects of the speciality: A good architect wants to be aware of all construction methods and technologies. Building from factory-produced prefab modules is one of the most effective and future-oriented construction methods. Thus, there is no reason to give this construction method less attention than others, especially considering its numerous advantages.

  2. It is important to adopt the majority of the decisions regarding a building before the commencement of the production and construction process. The production and construction process is concluded at a rapid pace. Therefore, many decisions that are made too late bring about significant additional expenses.

    Positive aspects of the speciality: To put off decision for a later time is human and convenient, but the moment always comes when the decisions must be made. Practical experience has proved many times that the earlier we start to consider and plan the details of our new home and the more thoroughly we do it, the better the end result. An ideal integrated solution of one's home often becomes clear only after we start to think of the details. Why abandon this opportunity? We are always glad to help you.

  3. Special requirements for transport and higher transportation costs, because prefab modules are often oversized cargo and the transport of prefab modules means that you are partly transporting ‘air'.

    Positive aspects of the speciality: At the same time, building from prefab modules provides an opportunity to make use of all those advantages which are described in detail in the subsection Advantages of Kodumaja. To minimise the share of transportation costs in the final price, cooperation between Kodumaja and customers is important in order to:

    • find solutions which maximise the level of prefabrication of the modules
    • ensure the efficient size of an order which enables the most efficient transportation methods to be employed

  4. Some customers are sceptical about timber frames as a building´s loadbearing structure.

    Positive aspects of the speciality: At the same time wood have several important advantages compared to other building materials. Wood:

    • is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource
    • with relatively small material consumption, it enables slender but very durable structures to be built with considerably better heat insulation parameters compared to structures of the same thickness made from other materials.

    As regards the fire resistance of timber structures, in regard to which many people are sceptical for no real reason, practice and tests have both shown that timber load-bearing structures are more durable in the event of a fire than, for example, metal structures, remaining standing for a remarkably longer period even in direct contact with flames. Metal structures, on the other hand, lose their load-bearing capacity relatively quickly. This is also why wood can be used to protect metal structures from fire.

  5. Kodumaja structures comply with all fire resistance requirements introduced in our markets by applicable construction norms and standards. Read more: Fire resistance of structures and fire risk analysis.

  6. Somewhat increased material consumption.

    In relation to transport and the need for multiple lifting operations, the structure of elements produced in the factory is stronger than the wooden structures of buildings that are constructed directly on the foundations. Further material consumption is caused due to the fact that spatial elements are ‘sealed' - they all have their own floors, walls and ceilings.

    Positive aspects of the speciality: A house or apartment is a big investment for anyone and we want it to be reliable, durable and we want its value over time to be preserved.

    Unfortunately, people tend to underestimate the importance of the durability of building structures and prefer to avoid a somewhat bigger one-off investment when buying a new home. They regret it later when this mistake cannot be undone. Practical proof of the reliability of Kodumaja structures is their durability despite repeated hoisting and transportation of prefab modules over great distances.

Somewhat greater material consumption in multi-storey houses results from the desire to assure good insulation parameters of the structures at the top and bottom as well as between adjacent apartments.


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