Advantages of Kodumaja

Customer feedback has shown that our customers prefer Kodumaja due to the following main reasons:

  • dedicated professionals in their respective fields who honour agreements;
  • Kodumaja, compared to its major competitors, is more flexible in accommodating the wishes and requirements of our customers and their architects;
  • capacity to offer contracts with fixed prices and schedules; and
  • capacity to offer a competitive production/service price-to-quality ratio.

We are able to offer all of this because Kodumaja:

  1. has good manufacturing conditions allowing it to achieve high-quality results with lower costs
    • works are performed in favourable factory conditions and they are not influenced by the weather
    • factory production allows a high level of quality control and management
    • the production process in the factory is effective and easily controlled.

  2. uses efficient construction methods and technology that shorten construction times and lower costs
    • organisation of works on the production line principle enables a large amount of labour to be simultaneously engaged
    • production of modules in the factory with simultaneous construction of foundations and utility lines on the construction site shortens the construction period and minimises fixed overheads
    • a high level of finishing of factory-produced modules reduces the amount of works and saves time and money on the construction site.

  3. has for a long time focused on the development of flexibility aimed at accommodating customers´ wishes and requirements and the implementation of one-of-a kind projects at competitive prices
    • long-term experience of developing customer-oriented flexibility, specialisation and extensive experience in our field
    • long-term experience of constructing projects with fixed prices and schedules via thorough negotiations that are oriented toward high-quality end results before entering into a contract
    • more experience than our competitors in the manufacturing of large prefab modules and in the design and construction of 4- or 5-storey or even taller apartment buildings from factory-produced prefab modules
    • extensive scope of delivery which enables our customers to solve a lot of problems at once and with one supplier - Kodumaja.

  4. well-designed, tested and approved structural and technical solutions, materials, and the quality management system of the Kodumaja companies comply with the norms and standards applicable on our markets. Kodumaja ensures the following:
    • in manufacturing and construction, only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials from carefully selected suppliers are used; important details, structures and technical solutions have been controlled and tested
    • certified management system compliant with ISO 9001:2008 helps fulfil contracts with the customer's properly and achieve customer satisfaction.

The competitive advantages of all companies change over time. Existing advantages may disappear as competitors take over many of them, while new advantages may and should be achieved due to the great importance that Kodumaja attaches to ongoing improvement in both management and product development.

Kodumaja has come to believe that in the longer term, the only competitive advantage which is not easily imitated is the ability to learn and develop more quickly than competitors.