Kodumaja is simultaneously a trademark and the name of a group of companies that specialise in construction of high-quality housing. We employ an effective and future-oriented construction method that ensures that we conform to the construction requirements and standards in our strategic markets. The expected service life of houses, set at a minimum of 50 years by applicable legislation, is not a limit for Kodumaja. Subject to proper maintenance, the structures of our houses will endure for much longer periods.

The companies of the Kodumaja have been focused on their main area of activity since 1995. Over 96% of our housing has been built in Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden,  Denmark, and FinlandThe remaining 4% can be found on the Estonian market.

We have developed a narrow specialisation to become the best and the most professional company in our field and we are proud to do what is very important for people - to build homes. As of 31 December 2020, the companies of the Kodumaja have manufactured and built a total of 8916 apartments and houses. The satisfaction and gratefulness a customer experiences upon entering their new home are why we are ready to go to great lengths.

We think of competition as a positive and progressive force.Sincerely yours,
Andrus Leppik
Kodumaja AS
Kodumaja does not spend its energy to fight its competitors but rather to become better than them. We will be glad if you contact us and provide us with an opportunity to prove it to you. I am certain that the resulting experience will be enriching for both of us.